Negative point of Japan- Host clubs

Now for the down side to Japanese society, one thing that I really didn’t like was the culture of hosts and hostesses although mostly hostesses. It felt like it was acceptable to sell young girls and let them go drinking with strange old men or business men or any man for that matter. This did not sit right with my heart and I felt this was a major problem in Japanese society, it seems like if you do something wrong for long enough you start to become desensitised to the feeling of its wrongness and then you start to believe it’s ok. To be honest this really bothers me because I had some friends who were working as hostesses and you could see they didn’t like the job as they had to drink too much too often, they knew it was a very unsatisfying  job, but the problem was they needed a job and it paid well, better than any other part time job.  I used to always tell my hostess friends DO NOT GET DRUNK! Because you will be vulnerable to do stupid things… well being honest again I disapprove of alcohol all in all it simply dumb’s down people and numbs their brains plus it causes people to do the most stupid things ever imaginable. As I say “Alcohol is evil and bad so stay away from it! It is made to look like something good and fun but in reality it is destroying us! It causes people to cheat on each other, drunk sex, cancer, vomiting, headache, people acting like animals, you can have no trust with your partner, and still you say it’s fun? Check your head and your heart! I don’t like to see people I love hurt themselves and make mistakes anyway my words have no effect it is you who should realise what I say is correct.“ I really hope one day this culture will be phased out even though its highly unlikely because it seems to be routed in the past of Japan as well known as the Gesha.


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