Positive side of Japan – The people

The people in Japan are one of a kind and I really mean that, I’m not saying they are perfect… no far from it there are still many ills in there society as well…. Well let me be clearer by dividing it into the pros and cons of the society and people in general in this blog. Some posts ‘will mention the positive side of Japan and some the negative. I will be compiling them on a static web page as I will be adding many points in time.  Not many people post about the negative points but I will :) . Don’t get me wrong I really love Japan but the Japanese are human thus they are not perfect. I plan to show you these imperfections so you can get a balanced idea of what Japan really is! First off the people are unbelievably helpful and kind. How I hear you say? An example is when you stop a stranger on the street to ask for directions, they will do their best to help you the “foreigner” or Gaijin to find their way, be that by taking out there smartphone and helping you find the way or in my own experience actually walking you there! Amazing. Secondly the people in Japan hardly break any laws! Yep the crime rate is rock bottom although I hear it is increasing, this is possibly due to influences from foreign countries. Just saying that normally Japanese society have very little crime so naturally it will take influence from others to change that.


Old lady being helped at Japanese wedding
Old lady being helped at Japanese wedding



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